Security team

The PDG Security Team will be activated after a severe earthquake.

The southern section of the
San Andreas fault line is near Palm Desert and has not had a significant rupture for over 300 years. For more information on the San Andreas fault go to @

In the event of a severe earthquake
the Palm Desert Greens security force will be allowed to go home and check on their family.  All COPS personal not assigned to the Emergency Response team (such as area coordinators) are asked to report to the main gate.  COPS will take over all duties of the security force and patrol PDG reporting any hazards or breaches in our perimeter walls.  Throughout the duration of the disaster, or until our security force returns to duty, we will staff the main gatehouse 24 hours a day. If we have a disaster we expect many spontaneous volunteers to assist us. During the disaster the Incident commander portable radio will be on the same frequency as security. The Security team will work closely with the logistics team and assist with the initial setup of Pet rescue and the nurse/triage site. The logistics team will be responsible to keep the front gate generator filled with gasoline.