Power Outages

Power Outages can cause a number of safety concerns: knowing the following information will help. The recreation center in PDG is our cooling center during a power outage.

Before a power outage - Register life-sustaining medical equipment with Palm Desert Greens security. Call the front gate @ 760-346-2679.       
Make sure your disaster preparedness kit contains light sticks, flashlights, a battery powered radio with extra batteries and a wind up clock.Have a corded telephone available. A cordless phone will not work when the power is out.If you have an electric garage door opener, know how to open the garage door without power.
After the power goes out, many ATMs, gas pumps, traffic signals, and street light will stop working. One by one stores that use backup power will shut down over the next few hours.
Turn off all lights and electrical appliances except for the refrigerator and freezer. Keep a few bottles of water in your freezer after the power is out move them to the refrigerator. Keep opening the refrigerator door to a minimum, your food will last longer. Unplug sensitive equipment to protect them from possible surges when power is restored. Leave one lamp or radio on so you will know when power is restored. Never use gas ovens, ranges or propane heaters for indoor heating. They use oxygen and create carbon monoxide that can kill you. Be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector. Candles can cause a fire. It is far better to use glow sticks and flashlights for lighting.
12 Hours
Cellphone towers which are required to have battery backup for 8 hours, will begin to shut down. It will become difficult to access the internet. (Keep a hand held crank radio at home to receive emergency alerts after other communications systems have failed. Families should have an out of state relative to contact that they are safe)
After two days without electricity food in a half full freezer has gone bad and must be thrown away. Grocery stores that were running on generators will run out of fuel and lose power. Perishable foods will become scarce. (It is recommended that households keep at least one gallon of water on hand per person per day and a three day supply of non perishable food)
After a full day without electricity food in a full freezer at the start of the outage has gone bad and must be thrown away. Credit card scanners are non functional, so communities shift to a cash based economies. Cash is in short supply as banks are closed and lack of functional ATMs. (Keep cash on hand and be prepared for a long term outage)
Three days
Transit systems come to a halt. It becomes impractical for many to commute to work. Schools remain closed. Regional economies cease production. (Extreme weather will become dangerous. Find an emergency shelter in your area that is cooled) Palm Desert Greens will use the recreation center as a cooling center.
Four days
Hospitals which are required to have a 96 hour supply of backup fuel will begin to lose power. Supplies of commercially available fuel will become scarce because of the use of backup generators. (Keep your vehicle's fuel tank half full at all times, will ensure you have fuel for emergency transportation)