Homeowner Handout




Joining COPS is a way to be part of your community and to be helpful to yourself and your neighbor in making Palm Desert Greens a safe place to live. COPS is a national organization with units in over 1000 communities nationwide. By paying attention to what is happening around you and reporting it, you get satisfaction of community service. Our security officers are known as one of the best in the desert. COPS are their extra eyes, ears, voice and assistance. Our shifts last four hours and we work one shift a month. Most COPS volunteers patrol from 6PM to 10PM. Other shifts are available such as 4PM to 8PM. It is the cooperation of all of us living in PDG that makes our community the active, friendly, secure and popular choice for senior living here in the desert.

Our most important duty of patrolling is observation. We are not law enforcement. We are the extra eyes and ears for the security guards when we are on patrol. We drive a security vehicle and communicate with the security officer at the front gate via a two way radio. When a problem is observed, we call the front gate and report what we saw. We do not get out of our vehicle and take any action. One of the security officers will investigate. For example on occasion children play in the sand traps or ride their bicycles on the golf course. Call the front gate. Or maybe you will notice someone who looks out of place or sleeping in their car. Call the front gate. There are one or two security officers on shift and driving in our community at all times. The purpose of COPS is to give the appearance of an extra security vehicle patrolling our community.

On shift you will fill out a daily log sheet as you go along, making entries for patrol checkpoints such as the clubhouse area, the recreation center, the SW pool and perimeter gates or when you observe an occurrence that requires further action. If you decide to join COPS you will ride for part of one evening with one of our COPS for training and observation. You will be put on a regular shift on the next schedule. You will be able to choose the night you would like to patrol.