COPS is a volunteer group of citizens of Palm Desert Greens that act as a supplement patrol force to our in house security department. They are not expected to place themselves in jeopardy or in a liability situation. We are not law enforcement. All medical calls will be handled by security until the arrival of emergency personnel.


A. To provide volunteer service to PDG Security and residents.

B. To create a higher visibility level of patrol functions.

C. To detect and report any situations that constitute a violation of our Rules & Regulations, report criminal activities and any situations that may represent safety or health hazards. If you see anything out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to call the front gate. It's better to be safe than sorry.


A. Act as eyes and ears for Security.

B. Patrol streets and common areas.

C. Assist officers when assistance is requested.

D. Direct emergency vehicles to their destination if needed.


A. Going into private property or association facilities if there is suspicion of criminal activities.

B. Questioning of any parties in the investigation being conducted by an officer.

C. Stopping any vehicles.


A. Helping security to lift a resident back into a chair or bed when the officer requests your assistance. (Lack of injury must be determined first)

B. Stake outs, in order to resolve a targeted problem.

C. Direct traffic when large events leave. (Bingo, club functions, Golf cart parade)

D. Record license numbers and descriptions of suspicious vehicles, golf carts etc.


A. Only authorized members of the COPS organizations are permitted in patrol vehicles.


A. Call the front gate the afternoon of your day of duty for vehicle availability. (If no vehicle is available you will not be able to patrol that day)

B. If a vehicle is available, sign in on the front gate clipboard, pick up the keys, COPS clipboard, flashlight and hand held radio and proceed to the clubhouse parking lot.

C. The vehicle will be located in the security space at the clubhouse parking lot. Conduct a vehicle inspection of the car for damage. (this is for our own protection so we don't get held responsible for any damage) Inside the vehicle make yourself aware of the equipment available. (fire extinguisher, first aid kit) Record the vehicle mileage on the car clipboard and on the COPS clipboard.  

D. Bicycle Patrol is permitted. Notify the front gate you are on your bicycle and take the hand held radio with you. 


A. After starting the engine, check the two way radio on and selected to channel one (adjust volume as needed)

B. To transmit, depress microphone button (wait 2 seconds to talk or you will cut off the beginning of your transmission) b. Release button to receive transmission

C. Your designator will be "COPS".  The front gate is in control and referred to as base. When you are ready to start your shift call the front gate on the two way radio and say "COPS TO BASE IN SERVICE". After they acknowledge your transmission say (10-4) or OK. Learn the 10 code. It is preferred to use the radio code, but not required.  Very Important  Every hour on the hour, call the front gate and say "COPS to base time check").

D. All transmissions go through the front gate (BASE) unless you request contact with another security vehicle. The vehicle number designators on swing shift are 31 or 32.

E. The hand held radio should only be used when away from the vehicle to conserve battery life and prevent feedback. (keep the handheld radio off when in your vehicle)


A. Clubhouse area (a) Administration doors (b) Pool area (c) Patio and restaurant/bar area (d) Pro shop doors

B. Recreation Center area and Shuffleboard building (a) Building doors, includes Library and Learning center (b) Inside activity (c) Pool, basketball, tennis courts, storage shed

C. Perimeter gates (a) West & East gates locked (Monterrey / Portola) (b) Golf cart gate to Santa Rosa golf course locked after dusk (c) North gate working OK. Watch for vehicles following other cars in.

D. Southwest Pool area  (a) Pool, tennis courts & restrooms.

E. Residential streets (a) Patrol every street once during your shift

F. Things to be aware of (a) Smoke/fire (b) Suspicious people (c) Vacant property (d) Vehicle lights left on/trunk open (e) Golf carts with golf clubs left in (f) Traffic hazards – cars parked the wrong way (g) Loose animals (h) Water leaks (i) Open garage doors after dark

9. USE OF EMERGENCY and ALLEY LIGHTS (Top of vehicle)

A. Use only as needed

10.COPS ACTIVITY REPORT (report on COPS clipboard)

A. Use as report for nights activity (Checkpoints, assists to security etc)


A. Call the front gate "COPS to base OUT OF SERVICE"

B. Record ending vehicle mileage on car clipboard and on COPS clipboard & total miles driven.

C. Lock your vehicle (make sure vehicle lights are off) and remove personal items.

D. Return keys, flashlight, COPS clipboard and hand held radio to the front gate. Record your time.