Front Gate Team

FRONT GATE TEAM (during power  outages)

The COPS Front Gate team assists the PDG security force during power outages. We helped answer the phone at the front gate house and checked on PDG residents during two power outages in 2012. As members of the front gate team, when a power outage occurs in PDG call the front gate and offer your assistance. If the power outage includes the front gate building drive down to offer your assistance as the guards will be busy starting the generator. 

There is an operations notebook (ring binder) on the bookshelf under the counter just inside the door on the west side. The notebook has a list of residents on oxygen or have other disabilities that need to be checked on if there is a power outage. You may be asked to help answer the phones and/or drive to residents homes to check on their well being.

Front gate team members 

Brian Gray
Beverly McGill
Ed Lents
Paul/Linda Jones
Dave Martinson

George Klein