About Us

COPS is a volunteer group of citizens that act as a supplement to our PDG security department. Our members include renters, homeowners, full and part time residents.  We patrol PDG once a month and assist our security force during power outages. We are part of the Emergency Response team. In the event of an severe earthquake or other major emergency we will staff the front gate house.

We are part of a national organization with units in over 1000 communities nationwide. Our most important duty of patrolling is observation. We are not law enforcement. We are the extra eyes and ears for the security guards when we are on patrol. We drive a security vehicle (Toyota Yaris) once a month and communicate with the front gate via a two way radio.The purpose of COPS is to give the appearance of an extra security vehicle patrolling our community. (see guidelines for what we do during a four hour shift)

We combine our meetings with Neighbor Hood Watch and Earthquake Preparedness on the third Monday at 2.00 pm in the Palm Room.

This meeting combines all the security committees and includes, PDG Security Chief and a representative from the Sherriff's Dept.